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Rental and buying conditions


I usually work on commission, but I have a handful of instruments that I make available for rent. As I am aware the purchase of a lute or a violin is quite a big step for many people, especially when one is not sure whether this will be a long-term commitment or not, I think the option of renting an instrument at first is the ideal solution to make the whole process more accessible. In addition, I offer a rental-/buy formula which entails that after your rental period you receive a discount on a newly built instrument. Renting is possible from the period of one month up to one year. A document with the terms and conditions for renting can be provided on request.

To rent an instrument you have to be living or have a long-term residency in Belgium, for practical reasons. Instruments are rented with a hardcase or softbag included in the price. VAT is included as well.




If and when you choose to buy an instrument right away, I ask an advance of 10% of the total cost of the instrument (case and shipping not included) which usually covers the purchase of the basic materials needed to build the instrument. Prices encountered on the website are specifically related to the instruments as seen in the pictures. Any special requests regarding wood choice or decoration will be discussed beforehand and will be included in the pro forma by mutual agreement. When purchasing an instrument, you will be handed a document that contains all the regulations concerning maintenance and warranty.

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