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Welcome at Charlotte De Ley instrumentbuilder

Being the child of two professional musicians, music was all around me growing up. At the age of four I started taking violin lessons and eventually graduated at the SAMWD Lier in 2010. Through the years my musical interests developed towards vocal music which led me to be a part of the children’s choir of the Flemish Opera which later on turned into an education focusing on classical vocal and (even later) jazz repertoire. Through my musical background I came into contact with musical instrumentmaking and started my studies at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent.


Since 2011 I have been putting my heart and soul in the practice of musical instrumentmaking. A short while after becoming a Vocatio laureate in 2018 and receiving a grant that enabled me to acquire decent tools and machinery I started my own business as a self-employed luthier. Being a violinist myself, my primary interest was violinmaking, but in recent years lutemaking has taken a prominent place in the workshop. After receiving my master’s degree in musical instrumentmaking at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, I started a specific lutemaking course



The violins and lutes that I build are all based on historical models and are entirely made by hand, fit to the needs of the musician. I select all of my wood with the greatest care and attention and build every instrument from A to Z in my own workshop. Requests regarding choice of wood, roses or tuning pegs can be discussed. Prices mentioned on the website do not include the price of a case or softbag. A bag or case can be ordered for you or you can ask my advice on where to look for one.

Charlotte De Ley, maker of handmade lutes and violins
Charlotte De Ley, maker of handmade lutes and violins
Charlotte De Ley, maker of handmade lutes and violins
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